Nicholas Lamar SoutterNicholas Lamar Soutter is a speaker, author and commentator. He’s the author of the award winning dystopian novel The Water Thief, written as a rebuttal to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and other neoliberal economic writings. He co-authored Confessions of a Sin Eater: The Memoir of Prison Psychologist with Jack McClintock, and is the author of highly acclaimed articles and essays. He teaches The Business and Craft of Writing workshop, and can be found lecturing and debating both live and on the radio.



  • Sexual Harassment For Guys… harassment

    A lot of guys have a hard time understanding what the big deal is with “sexual harassment”. It’s okay, it’s not their fault, it’s not something they have to go through (though on the rare occasion that they do, their reaction is extraordinarily violent, often killing the aggressor). So if you’re a guy, try to think about it this way:

    You start a new job. You like the job, it’s at a game company or a brokerage firm—there’s good money, you like the people—and frankly, you need it. It’s a rough economy, you’ve been having troubles making ends meet—maybe you’ve got a family to feed.

    Your new boss likes you. I mean really likes you. In fact, the boss keeps making sexual ...

  • An accident in Chappaquiddick… Chappaquiddick

    Congratulations to my friend Don Nelson! Two years ago he walked into my workshop with his book on Chappaquiddick. Now I’ve heard all the conspiracy theories, the Illuminati stuff, the assassination talk. But it’s been my experience there’s almost always a simpler explanation. Well lo and behold, Don had it. An excellent writer, an excellent book, he explains everything using common sense and dedicated research. His book just hit shelves! Congratulations Don!

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  • Rehab… whiskey-typewriter

    I feel like I’m in writer’s rehab.

    stephen_king_drinkingAfter a few kicks to the teeth on my writing, I’m trying to get back on the saddle again. But rather than go for those projects that really challenge me, just trying to keep it simple. I’ve resurrected some old essays from ten years ago (literally, Jan-Sep of 2009)—not even essays, mostly notes—I made on B&C of writing. I’d like to get more serious about the workshop, so I put those up, but I never edited them, so now it’s just about going through them, cleaning up the pieces. If I can do that, maybe I can write a new essay, then maybe get on to ...

  • An Open Letter to Mr. Donald Trump Donald J. Trump

    An Open Letter to Mr. Donald Trump

    Transcript (Abridged)
    Transcript (Full)

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  • An American Theocracy firstamendment_0

    Kim Davis is a county clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky. Upon being sworn in, she vowed to discharge the duties of her office, one of which is certifying marriage licenses for the county. Ms. Davis has recently made headlines for refusing to certify licenses for homosexual couples on the grounds that it goes against her faith. A court ordered her to resume certifying all legal licenses (which, since the Obergefell v. Hodges, includes same sex applications).  When she refused, she was jailed for contempt of court. She was released only when her deputies resumed certification in her stead. Meanwhile she has found support from a number of people, including conservative presidential candidates, who argue that she’s been imprisoned for following ...

  • The Engine of a Bush Econemy Hours Worked (2013)

    We bandy so many words around that we dull their meaning and impact: un-American, racist, war on (insert favorite topic here). I recently heard a CNN reporter say, on air, “It’s raining hard here. I mean it’s literally raining cats and dogs”.

    So believe me when I tell you that I hate expressions like “out of touch”. The truth is that I wasn’t even sure what it meant… at least not until I saw Jeb Bush talking about his goals for the economy.

    He said that Americans would have to work more hours.

    Oh my god. He’s out of touch.

    Now I understand what he’s saying—we need to raise growth, and if you look at economic models, raising the amount of time worked boosts ...

  • A Million Dollar Ticket? Hillary Clinton
    So…. Bill Maher offered Elizabeth Warren one million dollars if she would run for president.

    She flat out said no. But this got me thinking—why deny a run?

    Even if she’s not interested, she give’s voice to her issues by at least letting the speculation continue. And while we’re at it, why not run? Admittedly, it’d be hard to beat Hillary, but if Hillary wins it’ll be another 8 years before Warren gets another shot.

    She almost seems to be going out of her way to protect the “presumptive nominee”.

    Meanwhile, Hillary has a number of problems. Even a lot of democrats hate her (she says she’s done a lot for woman’s rights, but what, exactly, other than just being one? And her ...

  • Afterword to The Water Thief Cover of The Water Thief
    I’m not a huge fan of afterwards, especially to novels.  However, since The Water Thief was written as a rebuttal to Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged (and to the body of Objectivist-influenced economic policy that’s come since), I think it’s worth putting the book’s imagined future in context.

    Neoliberalism is a school of economic thought which advocates for, among other things, government deregulation—the removal of most, if not all, regulations and oversight imposed on corporations (neoliberalism, by the way, has nothing to do with the term “liberal” in the sense we commonly understand it). In order for neoliberal economies (like Rand’s Objectivism, The Austrian School, and Libertarian) to work, they require two closely related things.  The ...

  • Interview With Christopher Gabriel Christopher Gabriel

    Thanks to the Christopher Gabriel Show at 970 WDAY in Fargo, ND, for having me on his program to discuss The Water Thief. Topics included corporate dominance in America, privatization of natural resources, and parallels from The Water Thief to Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

    The gentleman even let me stay on an extra 15 minutes. I had a BLAST!

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  • Author Panel: Worcester Public Library Worcester Public Library

    Join us as we welcome authors Nicholas Lamar Soutter, Allen Steele, LJ Cohen, Jeanne Cavelos, Walter H. Hunt and Alexander Jablokow. We invite you to come and hear these authors as they discuss their work, the nature of science fiction, and why they write it.

    Location: Saxe Room – Main Library




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