Nicholas Lamar SoutterNicholas Lamar Soutter is a speaker, author and commentator. He’s the author of the award winning dystopian novel The Water Thief, written as a rebuttal to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and other neoliberal economic writings. He co-authored Confessions of a Sin Eater: The Memoir of Prison Psychologist with Jack McClintock, and is the author of highly acclaimed articles and essays. He teaches The Business and Craft of Writing workshop, and can be found lecturing and debating both live and on the radio.



  • Demagogue: A Plausible Path to the End of the American Republic adolf_hitler

    After a lengthy discussion, a conservative friend of mine finally granted me a single point about the state of our country today: that, if nothing else, the fear of a Trump presidency expressed by the left, while unwarranted, is genuine. He reminded me, however, that I could find solace in the U.S. Constitution, the greatest political document in human history.

    I was less than reassured.

    This casual dismissal of my concerns, and those of my progressive brothers and sisters on the left, smacks of wish thinking; the Constitution isn’t a magical document, impervious to devils and tyrants, if only we believe strongly enough. For indeed, while there are times when the Constitution protects me, there are also times when I must protect the Constitution.

    Unconcerned by the precedent, ...

  • A Novelist’s Voice editor

    What is voice? A standard definition might be, “The cadence and style which gives an impression of a distinct perspective from which the narrative is told.” Or less messily, “That which makes you feel like a book is talking.” But that’s pretty vague. Catherine Hale, in her book Sin and Syntax, calls voice “The je ne sais quoi of spirited writing,” which is French for “fuck if I know.” And as a writer you need to know about voice. If someday you get the notion to publish, you’ll read the bios of literary agents you’d like to query. At the time of this writing, ...

  • One, Just One Question, For My Republican Brethren… breitbart-face


    birth-control-protest-ap-640x480Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy

    bill-kristol-smiling-getty-images-640x480 Bill Kristol: Republican Spoiler, Renegade Jew

    the-wolf-of-wall-street1-640x480Why Equality and Diversity Departments Should Only Hire Rich, Straight White Men

    I have a single question for Trump voters.

    Do you agree with his decision to hire a white supremacist for the top administrative position in the White House?

    If ...

  • Un-Friend Me. I Won’t Take it Personally. unfriend

    In case you’ve not logged into Facebook in the last year and a half, you should know that I’m not a Trump fan.

    Now, the number of trump posts will go down as time passes, and I’ll be putting up more light stuff too. But I truly believe he’s a fascist, and he’s going to bankrupt this country (debt is how he works, he’s declared bankruptcy 6 times, and his spending and tax proposals…).

    I understand if we disagree on that, but certainly we can agree that if YOU thought a fascist had become president, you’d oppose him. As a teacher, as an American, as a human being, I need to speak out. And I will.

    Now I can promise you this… I’m going to try to ...

  • What Can I Do, Right Now! firstamendment_0

    People have been asking me to say something to make them feel better about all of this.

    Well, I’ve been doing little more than talking for the last week (and I’ve no real intention of shutting up). And some of you have been kind enough to say I’ve helped, so thank you.

    But frankly you’re not going to feel better till you do something concrete. And that’s a problem, because until Donny boy does something concrete we can measure, we’ve little to respond to. I’m lucky, I get to talk to you. Some of you are out in the streets, and that’s awesome (if you keep it peaceful). But there’s this terrible feeling like you need to do something, but what is ...

  • To My Republican Brothers and Sisters: A Thank You trump_finger

    To My Republican Brothers and Sisters:

    Conservatives have been asking, with the slightest whiff of schadenfreude, why liberals are whining so much. Why can’t we just accept defeat and move on, as if somehow our reluctance speaks to a deficit in us, and not in their candidate. They ask, as if they would have graciously accepted Hillary if she had won… as if they have ever actually accepted Barrack Hussein Obama… as if I simply imagined the most obstructionist congress in American history—denying the duly elected president the rights of his office—Senate republicans united in a fanatical realization of one goal—block Obama’s every proposal, sight unseen… as if the images of Obama in white paint with a Glasgow smile, a bone ...

  • Sexual Harassment For Guys… harassment

    A lot of guys have a hard time understanding what the big deal is with “sexual harassment”. It’s okay, it’s not their fault, it’s not something they have to go through (though on the rare occasion that they do, their reaction is extraordinarily violent, often killing the aggressor). So if you’re a guy, try to think about it this way:

    You start a new job. You like the job, it’s at a game company or a brokerage firm—there’s good money, you like the people—and frankly, you need it. It’s a rough economy, you’ve been having troubles making ends meet—maybe you’ve got a family to feed.

    Your new boss likes you. I mean really likes you. In fact, the boss keeps making sexual ...

  • An accident in Chappaquiddick… Chappaquiddick

    Congratulations to my friend Don Nelson! Two years ago he walked into my workshop with his book on Chappaquiddick. Now I’ve heard all the conspiracy theories, the Illuminati stuff, the assassination talk. But it’s been my experience there’s almost always a simpler explanation. Well lo and behold, Don had it. An excellent writer, an excellent book, he explains everything using common sense and dedicated research. His book just hit shelves! Congratulations Don!

    Read More An accident in Chappaquiddick…

  • Rehab… whiskey-typewriter

    I feel like I’m in writer’s rehab.

    stephen_king_drinkingAfter a few kicks to the teeth on my writing, I’m trying to get back on the saddle again. But rather than go for those projects that really challenge me, just trying to keep it simple. I’ve resurrected some old essays from ten years ago (literally, Jan-Sep of 2009)—not even essays, mostly notes—I made on B&C of writing. I’d like to get more serious about the workshop, so I put those up, but I never edited them, so now it’s just about going through them, cleaning up the pieces. If I can do that, maybe I can write a new essay, then maybe get on to ...

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